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The Star Thrower
by David M. Trexler

A man went walking along the beach one morning after a storm. As far as the eyes could see, starfish were all over the sand. The powerful waves had left starfish stranded on the beach. Starfish will die in the hot sun. Then the man saw a boy walking slowly down the beach. He picked up starfish and threw them back into the ocean. The man came to the boy and asked, "Son, why are you doing this? There must be thousands of starfish out there. Why bother trying to save a few starfish when the rest of them will die anyway? What difference will a few make?"

The boy tossed another starfish back into the ocean. Then he paused and said, "What I am doing does make a lot of difference to that starfish. It will live rather than die."

I do not know who wrote this story or if the story is true. But this story has an important lesson for us about our great God, who does make a difference to us. The boy had compassion for starfish. He did not want any of them to die when he had a chance to save them. That boy is a good example of our great God, who has an infinite (no limit) compassion for us who are dying in this sinful world.

Our earth is part of God's great universe. The universe is filled with many stars and other worlds. But our earth is the only world that has sinned. We are the only world that rebelled against the authority and love of God. Our earth is a black mark that spoils the perfect universe. That black mark must be removed so that the whole universe will be perfect again.

God could have decided to destroy our earth, when Adam and Eve sinned, because there are plenty of other perfect worlds. He could have made another world to replace our earth. But God did not destroy earth. Why? He could not destroy us because He loves us. He could not leave us alone without hope.

God made a plan of salvation before sin started because He loved His creation (Revelation 13:8). Jesus volunteered to come down to become a man and live with us before He died on the cruel cross. He was innocent, and He never sinned. He died for us because He loves us very much. He was willing to be lost forever so we can have another chance for eternal life. So Jesus' death does make a lot of difference to us. He would have come down to earth and died for us even if only one person would have accepted God's plan of salvation. People would say, "Why bother to die for this world if only a few will accept Him?" God's love is amazing! Read Romans 5:8-10 and 1 John 4:9.

God's great effort to save all kinds of people—drunkards, murderers, prostitutes, thieves, adulterers, atheists, liars, gossipers, hypocrites, idol worshipers, rich, poor, children, teenagers, parents, etc.—does make a lot difference. All of us would become extinct (be gone forever), but God came to save us because of His infinite (no limit) love. Salvation will mean nothing to us if we do not accept Jesus as our Saviour and if we do not obey Him (1 John 5:1-3).

My friend, we are much more valuable than starfish. Thank God for His love that reaches down to save us from death and sin. Let us accept and follow Him—Creator, Saviour, and Lord—because of His sacrifice for us and His love for us.

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