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Lesson from the Squirrel
by David Trexler

Right front of the porch of our home is a flower and bush garden. We use mulch to keep the weeds from growing there. Alas, a stubborn squirrel buries acorns and maple seeds in that area. How do we know? Well, it is very simple by observing the results.

 There are two ways we could tell that the squirrel was guilty of messing up our garden. First are the telltale holes in the mulch. Normally, the mulch covering the ground is smooth, but when a squirrel buries a seed, it left evidence of its digging. Second is the seedling of a maple or oak tree growing in an unwanted place.

Before wintertime, squirrels normally collect and hide the nuts and seeds in the trees or in the ground. Sometimes they forget where they had buried the seeds. After the winter snow and rain, the nuts germinate under the ground during warmer weather in the spring. We were not aware of the living action of the seeds that sprouted into seedlings under the mulch. A couple of maple seedling grew among the flowers and bushes. Those seedlings were not expected in our flower area. We just uprooted them and threw them away. But some of them were transplanted to our backyard.

I see three important lessons from this little rodent, the squirrel, that apply to our Christian life.

One is preparation for the difficult time. Second is planting the truth all over the world. Third is not what we should do — hoarding the truth to ourselves. Because of limited space and the point I want to make in this issue, I will focus on only one lesson: planting the seeds of truth.

In the Bible the seed is the Word of God. Adventist Deaf Ministries is the organization that is dedicated and called to spread the seeds of truth to the Deaf who would not have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ and His truth if ADM did not exist.

ADM can reach the Deaf whom the church is not equipped to help. ADM is the voice and the authority of the Deaf in the Seventh-day Adventist church. ADM is almost fully supported by donors like you. Without the financial support from the donors, ADM would not be able to help the Deaf to know Jesus Christ and to find a place where they can worship together in a church.

Last weekend (September 20) we (Jim and Bunny Hovey and my wife and I) went to New Jersey for the NJ Deaf Fest where more than 3,000 deaf people from the New York City area, NJ and Pennsylvania came to meet friends and to find many interesting things that can enhance their living standards.

We had a booth representing ADM that was the source of hope for some of the former and current SDA deaf members who have searched for a place of worship unsuccessfully.

Three Deaf persons were especially thrilled to meet us. Also an SDA interpreter discovered us and met us with joy.

Not only that, many other Deaf people picked up the materials that may lead them to know the truth. Also, they visited us and learned about us. Adventism was something new to them.

We are sowing seeds to the Deaf at the Deaf events like NJ Deaf Fest. This year Jim and Bunny have visited many Deaf events all over the country. Traveling to different places is not easy for Jim and Bunny who are dedicated to sow the seeds.

ADM really needs more workers to help them share their heavy workload.

We are thankful to God for your continuing support for ADM enabling us to have Jim to work for us. But, he needs someone to work with him.

Your money is like a seed that can become a seed of truth. When you give your financial contribution you are sowing the seeds of truth. Please don't forget to remember ADM and Deaf people in North America.

Encourage your friends and family members to give support to ADM so we can expand more in order to reach out to more Deaf people!

Thank you for your dedication to ADM. You are part of the organization that God had established through us.

May the Lord impress your heart to start giving your seeds that will reach out to more Deaf people.

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