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Have You Read the Bible?
by David M. Trexler

Have you read the Bible? Read the Bible before you judge the Bible. Then you will know the Bible is the true Word of God. Let me share with you my experience with the Bible that I did not know.

I grew up attending church, but I did not understand what the Sunday School teachers and the ministers were saying because of my deafness. I believed there was a God in heaven because my parents told me there was. One day my mother gave me a Bible when I was very sick. The Bible was precious to me, but I did not understand the words in the Bible. That Book became my "good luck charm." I believed the Bible was the Word of God because my parents told me. In my teen years I started to believe that the Bible was full of fairy tales men invented because educated people at school said so. Science did not support the Bible. I stopped attending church. Finally, I rejected the Bible. I became a deist, almost becoming an atheist. (A deist believes that there is a God in heaven, but rejects the Bible. An atheist believes that there is no God and rejects all religious beliefs.)

Strange to say, I took my Bible to Gallaudet University. I did not know why. One day I met a student who had many religious books in his room. I was not interested in religion or church. Staying away from religious or church people was my goal, but I was not aware that this student was a Christian. A colored picture in one of his books attracted my attention. It was a picture of a perfect world—park-like environment with happy people and children wearing white robes. Wolves were playing with sheep and lambs. Out of curiosity I asked him about the picture. I was not prepared for his answer. He said that it was in heaven. His answer shocked me because I had always thought heaven was the place where spirits lived and played harps on the clouds forever! His answer was too good to be true, so I asked him where he got the idea from. His next answer surprised me, too! He said that it came from the Bible. Remember, I used to believe that the Bible was a fairy tale, and I had never read it to prove something. I asked him where the Bible said that about heaven. He turned to chapter 21 and chapter 22 of Revelation. For the first time in my life I read the Bible. That completely cleared away wrong ideas and doubt from my minds.

After that I decided to investigate the truths of the Bible. My mind became open and I was willing to study the Bible. I was amazed that the Bible had all the answers for my needs and the needs of the world. I missed the opportunity to know God for many years just because I did not bother to test the Bible.

My friends, I found Someone in the Bible who changed my life. He delivered me from the power of sin and doubt. The Bible is the truth! I have experienced a new life and seen the change in other people's lives through the work of the Holy Spirit. The Bible lasts longer than the world's philosophies and earthly kingdoms. "Yes, grass withers and flowers fade, but the word of our God [Bible] endures forever" (Isaiah 40:8, TEV). Science textbooks and human theories change all the time while the Bible remains the same. The Bible is the world's best-seller. I encourage you to study the Bible and you will find peace in your life.

Before you reject or doubt the Bible because of what you have heard about it or a problem you have, read the Bible prayerfully. You will discover many wonderful truths in the Bible.

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