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The Greatest Need of the World
by David Trexler

November 5, 1996, millions of Americans will vote for a person to be the next President of the United States. People from all over the world are interested in knowing who will run the United States, the most powerful nation in the world. Most countries of the world look up to our country as an example of freedom and prosperity. They accept or like America's influence on the economy, fashions, and technology. Most important, the people want to know who can run our country and make the world a safe place to live in.

On the campaign trail the two candidates, Bill Clinton and Bob Dole, are trying to convince voters that they (Bill or Bob) can meet the needs of Americans. They criticize and blame each other for the country's and world's problems. They make many promises hoping to receive people's votes.

Often after the election presidents fail to keep their promises. They change their minds often, causing the public not to trust politicians. Most presidents are not honest. They enjoy having power rather than trying to meet the needs of the country and doing what is right.

Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents of the United States. I think he was the greatest so far!

Once Lincoln debated Stephen Douglas when they were running for the same office. Lincoln was a poor lawyer, and he worked hard to campaign around the country. At the debate, Douglas talked for a long time while Lincoln listened silently. Douglas told the people that Lincoln should not win an election because he (Lincoln) sold alcoholic beverages when he worked at a store. Douglas said a few more negative things about Lincoln. After the opponent finished his debate, Lincoln was quiet then got up to speak. Lincoln admitted that Douglas was right that he (Lincoln) sold alcoholic beverages. Then Lincoln said that Douglas was his best customer! Everyone laughed, and the opponent was embarrassed.

Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president and led the United States during the Civil War. America needed Lincoln during the country's worst problems. But Lincoln was shot and died when the South needed his compassion and forgiveness. Our country lost this great man who stood for the right and honesty.

What does the world really need the most today? We need a person who does not lie or cheat. We need a person who is honest, kind, compassionate, and faithful. The only person the world really needs is Jesus. Jesus does not sin and never makes mistakes. Abraham Lincoln, Pope John Paul II, and other famous people make many mistakes. They cannot change the world. They also cannot save us from sin. Only Jesus can save us from sin and give us a better world. Let us "vote" for Jesus, who is our King of kings and Lord of lords. Accept Him as your personal Saviour today, and you will be happy to see Him when He comes again soon. "When it happens [Jesus comes], everyone will say, 'He is our God! We have put our trust in him, and he [Jesus] has rescued us. He is the Lord! We have put our trust in him, and now we are happy and joyful because he [Jesus] has saved us'" (Isaiah 25:9, TEV).

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