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2002 Mexican Deaf Campmeeting
La Morita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
July 22 – 28, 2002

by David M. Trexler

From July 22 to 28 the 2002 Mexican Deaf Camp Meeting was held at the conference’s camp ground in La Morita, about an hour drive south of Monterrey. David M. and Francisca Trexler were featured speakers who gave challenging and encouraging messages to 40 campers.

The deaf campers came from Monterrey, Monclova, San Luis Potosi, and Mexico City. Three campers, Mike Dobson, Josiah Kelly, and Alma O’Brien were from the USA.

Francisca’s series was very popular because it dealt with marriage, family, leadership, and communication issues. Some deaf members sought counseling with Francisca who has improved her Mexican Sign Language much since last year. Poor David who has lagged behind Francisca’s skills, but he had acquired new signs to improve his communication with the deaf.

The president of Northeast Mexican Conference, Pastor J. Esteban Medina, visited the camp meeting for a short time to greet the deaf campers. He thanked David and Francisca for coming to Mexico to help the deaf to have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. The conference had given some financial assistance to the camp meeting for the deaf.

For the first time in the camp meeting’s history, a constituency meeting was held when David got their feedback about what Adventist Deaf Ministries can do to help the deaf work in Mexico. The meeting lasted about two hours and it was very helpful to David who is a board member of ADM to be enlightened of their needs. Deaf members really need our help.

The highlight of the camp meeting was on Sabbath when seven individuals (four deaf and three hearing) were baptized in the river near the camp meeting.

David had a wonderful privilege of baptizing two deaf campers, one was Pablo Alejo’s sister, Sorroco. The rest were baptized by one of the conference leaders, Pastor Olguin. Interestingly, the baptism was the first time in the deaf camp meeting’s history and first time for a deaf pastor to baptize deaf persons in Mexico. It was a very moving and memorable event.

Saying good-bye to everyone was a very sad experience for all of us on Sunday when the camp meeting closed. Everyone wished the camp meeting could have lasted longer than one week despite the heat and bugs.

One camper expressed his appreciation for  Francisca’s presentation on how to have a better relationship with one another in marriage. He learned to become a better husband. This person was baptized.

Please remember these beloved deaf members and non-members in Mexico in your prayers. They need our encouragement and support.

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