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How to Enrich and Enhance Your Marriage
by Francisca Trexler

A marriage is like an old seaman who faces high, strong, and angry waves. He tries to guide his boat back to the dock. The seaman alone is not afraid to face risks. It is by taking chances that he learns how to be brave and face those powerful and fierce waves. Struggling to control his boat presses him down heavily due to the winds that won't give up. It is not the seaman's nature to let go of his boat. And he must constantly fight against the dangerous winds until they have quieted down. When things seem worst, he has the conscience not to quit. A marriage should be like this brave, old seaman who tries to hang on to his precious boat till the storm ends.

Marriage is unfortunately not often like the brave, old seaman. A couple needs to stick to their marriage vows in spite of uncertainties and problems. No one is perfect. A couple needs to learn to cope with trials and tribulations. A true remedy for a good marriage is not to blame each other even if he or she is moody and upset. A couple needs to be reminded that they are different and that each person is special and unique in God's eyes. A couple does not need to cease loving each other by saying it is impossible to find true happiness and love. Actually, true love is being able to grow/learn from each other and to appreciate the unique companionship.

Here is a simple list of Ten Commandments that married couples can say to each other:

  1. We will never go to bed angry.
  2. We will discuss all problems thoroughly.
  3. We will not let personal problems interfere with work.
  4. We will tell each other exactly how we feel.
  5. We will not bring up past failures when angry.
  6. We will pray and worship together in order to deepen our love and devotion for each other and to recognize that Jesus Christ is our Source of strength.
  7. We will respect each other's moody cycle and privacy.
  8. We will seek the truth from each other only and not from rumors from others.
  9. We will not scream at each other or raise our voices, but will discuss problems when deemed appropriate to do so.
  10. We will not stand in each other's way but to weigh the pros and cons of one's job opportunities and successes in an impartial way.

There are several good ways to enrich and enhance your marriage. May the Lord be with all married couples so they could work together to solve their problems. Getting a divorce is not the solution to your problems. Your problems will always run ahead of you no matter where you are or what you do.

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