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Jesus Is Lonely in Heaven
by David Trexler

Jesus and an angel were walking on the golden streets in heaven. On both sides of the street were beautiful trees with colorful fruits. Jesus and the angel passed many beautiful buildings. The angel was happy and smiling. But Jesus was not smiling. He looked sad. The angel wondered why Jesus was sad. The angel asked Jesus why He was sad. Jesus said, "I have prepared homes for My people, but all the buildings are empty. My people are not here. I am very lonely for them. My people are interested in the things of the world. I am waiting for them to be ready for Me to bring them home [heaven] here."

Recently my wife and I had a good, long vacation. We went to California to spend Christmas with my mother. My mother was very happy to see me again. I had not seen her for seven years. Seven years was a very long time for my mother to wait for me. She was lonely for me.

I can imagine how Jesus feels in heaven. He wants us to be in heaven. Jesus has waited for us for a long time.

Some people wonder why Jesus waits to come again. Why can't He come now?

When I was young, living in a dorm at a school for the deaf, the boys and I were watching an exciting TV show. Our dorm counselor came and said, "It is time to go to bed now." He shut off the TV. We asked him to let us watch the program until it was finished. The counselor firmly said, "No." We were very angry with him. We gave him a lot of trouble that night.

If God's children are more interested in the world than in heaven, then God's children will not be happy to see Jesus coming again. They would be unhappy in heaven because in heaven they could not do sinful things they like. Jesus wants us to love heaven more than the world of sin. If we love heaven more than the things of the world, then we will be happy to be in heaven.

Jesus wants all people of the world to be saved. If He came now, most people would not be ready for Him. They would die because of their love for sin. Jesus wants to give us time to be ready for heaven.

Now, the world is getting worse than ever before. People will learn to love Jesus more than the world because they cannot find true happiness here. Jesus wants people to change their love from this world to heaven before He comes again.

Jesus really cares about us. Jesus shows His love for us. He promises that He will not drink grape juice until we are in heaven. "But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father's kingdom" (Matthew 26:29, NASB).

My mother saved something special for me until I saw her. In the same way, Jesus saves something special for all of us. My friend, let us turn our love to God from the things of the world so Jesus can share something special with us in heaven.

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