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Did You Forget Your Key (God)?
by David Trexler

I sympathize with Mary, a deaf lady who had a lot of frustration with forgetfulness. She experienced difficulties that she caused herself. Mary traveled 1,200 miles to help her mother. Mary rested very little on her trip. Also, she did not have enough rest when she looked for a new home for her mother. She began her day early in the morning and finished late in the evening. She was very tired because of her busy schedule. One day Mary went to her mother's apartment after she finished her errands. She left the car key in the ignition and locked the door. Her mind was busy with many things. Later, Mary came back to her car and found that she had locked herself out of the car! She asked her brother to help her, but he could not help. Mary had to call the locksmith, who easily unlocked the door in a few seconds. He charged her $25. From this experience, she determined not to lock herself out of the car again!

Mary was busy as ever when she returned home. Again, she locked herself out of the car on the parking lot. She called her son, who came to help her. Her son struggled for a long time and finally unlocked the door. She was upset for wasting so much time because she forgot the key. She again decided to be more careful about leaving the keys in the car. Her husband told her how to prevent locking herself out of the car again. Mary followed her husband's advice. She learned to take the key out of the ignition every time she left the car.

A few weeks later, instead of locking herself out of the car, she locked herself out of the house! Poor Mary! She was really upset this time. She could not drive the car because the car key was with the house keys. The keys were in the house. Before she left the house, she thought she had the keys in her pocket. She was too confident. That caused her another problem!

Mary had no choice. She had to walk to her son's work. Her son gladly took her to her husband's work. Instead of going to see her husband, she went to her husband's car, which was not locked. She took the remote garage door opener. Finally, Mary entered the house through the garage. Mary experienced embarrassment, a waste of time, a missed appointment, and a waste of money. Forgetting can be expensive. Mary's problem teaches the important lesson that we should not forget our keys.

God is compared to a key. We should not forget our Key (God) in our lives. Mary could not enter the car or the house without a key. Spiritually, we cannot enter heaven without the Key (God).

What do people do when they forget God? "The Israelites again prostituted themselves to the Baals [they worshiped false gods]. They set up Baal-Berith as their god and did not remember the Lord their God" (Judges 8:33, 34, NIV). We sin against God when we forget Him. How do we forget Him today? Do we have idols the same as the Israelites had? We easily forget God when we are very busy with our job, family, errands, etc. There are many important things we need to do for a living, but things of the world can become our gods. We tend to neglect our time with God when we put things of the world first. Gradually, we lose our relationship with God, and then we do wrong things against God. We tend to allow our job, family, friends, and culture to lead us away from our God, our Key to heaven.

My friends, forgetting our keys can be embarrassing and waste time. But forgetting our Key (God) causes pain and can make us lose eternal life and our heavenly home. Hold on to our Key (God) and you will never lose Him. God will not forget us. God says, "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!" (Isaiah 49:15, NIV).

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