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The Guardian Angel
by Francisca Trexler

Lucy is an eight-year-old deaf girl. She was very little for her age. Lucy was walking in an alley. She could not hear a barking and snarling dog. Lucy liked to visit her favorite aunt, Aunt Tia, who lived a few blocks from her other aunt, Aunt Sara. She liked to walk through the alley to go a short cut to Aunt Tia's home. When Lucy was walking, something was holding her leg back. Then she turned around to see what was holding her leg. Guess what she saw! A mean dog had her right leg in his mouth! She was surprised and did not know what to do at that moment. She tried to slap the dog's face with her hand, but the dog bit her harder. That hurt! Then Lucy saw a big rock near her. She tried hard to reach the rock. She had a difficult time reaching the rock because the dog was holding her leg in his mouth. Finally, Lucy picked up the rock and dropped it on the dog's nose. Quickly, the dog let her leg go. She ran quickly from the mean dog. The dog was hurt badly,

Picture of an angel who watching over two children.Soon Lucy arrived safely at her Aunt Tia's home. She was happy. Aunt Tia was surprised to see the blood on Lucy's right leg. Quickly her aunt took her to the bathroom to clean up the wound. Her aunt put medicine on Lucy's wound. That helped reduce the pain. 

Later, Aunt Tia showed Lucy an old picture of an angel who was watching over two children, The two children were walking on an old, weak bridge. The angel was protecting the children. That picture impressed Lucy's mind about her guardian angel,

Today, Lucy is a grown-up lady. She still remembers her favorite aunt, Who taught her about angels. Her aunt taught her that her angel watched over her when the dog bit her. The angel helped Lucy get a rock to hit the dog so she could free herself from the dog. Lucy's leg has a small scar which is hard to see.

She is glad that God sends wonderful angels to take care of us all the time. She still has the picture of an angel looking after the two small children on the old, weak bridge. That picture continues to remind her of her guardian angel.

Here is a wonderful promise from the Bible: "His angel guards those who have reverence [show respect] for the Lord and rescues them from danger" (Psalm 34:7, TEV). Is this wonderful news for you? I believe so! I am thankful that the angel protected the little girl, Lucy, from the dog. The angels of the Lord really take good care of us whenever something happens to us. Be sure to ask God to protect you. Are you happy to have guardian angels? Let us thank Jesus for the wonderful protection of the angels.

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