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His Gift
by Arthur Griffith

When the Lord of space, in His infinite grace
Stepped down from His throne to our earth,
His angels sang, and the heavens rang
With the news of His wonderful birth.

He had counted the cost of saving the lost,
And gladly He paid that great price,
Though in blood, sweat and tears He endured those years
In a world filled with hatred and vice.

Then to save us from loss, He accepted the cross,
And the anguish of bearing our sin.
His life there He gave that ours He might save,
And our hearts thus eternally win.

But His suffering is done, and the victory won
And now He has gone to prepare
For His children of earth, by a glorious rebirth,
A home far beyond all compare.

When we gaze on His face, feel His loving embrace,
And His musical voice WE CAN HEAR.
All the wealth of this earth we shall count of no worth
Compared to His presence and care.

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