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Lets Be Friends
by Arthur Griffith

I know the thoughts you think to Me I read your ASL. Psalm 139:2
And even if you do not speak, I hear you very well. Isaiah 65:24
I’ve sent you a love letter. It’s in a book you know John 13:1
And in it I have promised that every where you go Matthew 28:20
I’ll go along and help you, I’ll hear you when you call. Psalm 50:15
I’ll give you strength and wisdom, I’ll lift you when you fall. James 1:5
So do not fear to talk to Me-- at any time or place. Genesis 21:17
I’m coming soon from heaven to meet you face to face Revelation 22:4
I want to take you with Me to my bright home above,
And shower you with blessings that tell you of my love.
Your Friend, Jesus.

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