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10 Easy Ways to Increase Fiber in Your Diet

A high-fiber diet prevents constipation, high cholesterol, stomach problems, diabetes, cancer, obesity [overweight], and high blood pressure. To increase the fiber in your diet:

  1. Eat whole-wheat bread instead of white bread.
  2. Top your yogurt with fresh fruits, such as raspberries.
  3. Eat the skin on your baked potato.
  4. Choose bran flakes instead of corn flakes.
  5. Eat a carrot, apple (with skin), or pear.
  6. Include beans in soups and vegetable salads.
  7. Use long grain brown rice instead of white rice.
  8. Add raw bean or soybean sprouts to your sandwiches.
  9. Have an orange or grapefruit instead of juice for breakfast.
  10. Top your casseroles with a whole-grain cereal such as shredded wheat.

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