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Eye Opener!
by James House

"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Matthew 21:22 (NIV)

When I was a kid, about ten or eleven years old, I learned a big lesson in the power of prayer. My mother was a firm believer in prayer and how prayer could help us grow to be like Jesus. There are hundreds of promises for Christians, young and old, for every situation. Whatever God promises, He will keep. All we have to do is ask with a humble heart.

It was raining very heavy that Friday afternoon after school. My sister, Joann and I ran with some friends to play in the small gravel parking lot while waiting for our mothers to pick us up across the street from the school. The rain made it hard for me to see, so I took off my glasses and shoved them in my coat pocket.

We were playing tag when Mom arrived. As Joann and I got in the car, the first thing Mom said was, "Where are your glasses?" I put my hand in my pocket, and uh oh, my glasses were gone!

Joann and I spent another half hour in the rain walking back and forth across the empty parking lot looking for my glasses. Because I was deaf, I rely on my eyes to communicate, and I needed those glasses to see what other people were trying to tell me.

My glasses were in a black frame and had a light tint of green, which made it hard to see in the rain among the rocks and the weeds surrounding the parking lot. After an hour of looking, we still could not find my glasses, and we were soaking wet.

After we arrived home and dried off, Mom said "Let us kneel down and pray."

I got down on my knees next to the sofa and asked God "Help me find those glasses." Again we prayed on Sabbath morning, Saturday evening, Sunday morning and evening.

Monday morning bright and early, my father took Joann and me to school. The parking lot was filling up as teachers and buses arrived. I ran into the lot, half thinking I will find my glasses all broken up as the school was used for meetings over the weekend, and there would be cars driving into the lot and people would be walking by.

Still no glasses, so I went to class. I could not see the teacher very well that morning.

Recess time! I like to play! For the moment, I had forgotten that I was supposed to look for my glasses again. Instead, I followed some friends out to basketball court near the parking lot to play a couple games.

After I crossed the street, I happened to glance down briefly and continued following my friends ready to play.

Wait a minute! A glint had caught my eye near the driveway, so I turned around to look again. There were my glasses! I picked it up; it was still in one piece, although dirty from the rain.

I said "Thank you Lord!" and ran back inside to clean my glasses in the bathroom. No damage, not even a scratch nor a tire mark!

God had his angel watching over my glasses and answered my prayer!

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