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by Arthur Griffith

We’re the product of chance, so the “scientists” say
Then, pray tell me where we got D N A ?
It’s the blueprint of life in each wondrous cell
That fashions these bodies in which we dwell.
The tools man is using to study that cell
Have opened up facts that he’d rather not tell.
And even our senses should teach us the truth
Of the Grand Old Story we learned in our youth.
All things that men make are the product of thought,
So, how could it be that their brain cells are not?
All the houses they build are built to a plan.
How could there be none in the making of man?
The tools of his trade tell the truth of the story.
They preach of his Maker and tell of His glory.
And so, man’s opinion is not what I’ll take.
So much of his teaching is plainly a fake.
We did not descend from ape or primate.
We have a much higher and nobler state.
The Scriptures inform us that man, from the sod,
Was made in His image by Almighty God.

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