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Calgary Family Life Seminar 2002
by Francisca M. Trexler

I was the guest speaker of a five-night Family Life Seminar in Calgary, Canada recently. We had a total of eight deaf non-members. A number of our deaf SDA from around Alberta came on Saturday night, so the attendance reached 13. Some attendees told me that the seminar benefited them greatly. They had a desire to learn more about how to have a better relationship with spouses, children and other people. The first three seminars were at the Baptist Church where there were more Deaf people and then the last two seminars were held at the Adventist Church.

We also had two evenings at the Central Alberta Church where the Blakes live. The Deaf people really enjoyed my seminars. On the Sabbath, I gave a sermon about the temperaments that God created in us and they helped people understand themselves better.

This seminar was videotaped by Elder John Blake that will be shown to Deaf people across North America. There will be five videotapes that talk about Self-Esteem, Parenting, Communication Skills and many differences between men and women. The five-set videotapes will cost approximately $60 (U.S.A.). The end of each videotape includes anonymous questions and answers. The videotapes are scheduled to be released in the fall of 2002.

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