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Is Man From Ape?
by Arthur Griffith

There was a cartoon of a monkey holding an open book in each hand. The monkey said, "Boy, I am confused. I don't know whether I am my brother's keeper or my keeper's brother."

It is both funny and sad because lots of people are like that monkey. The Bible says that God made the stars, the earth, and everything else, but many scientists say, "No, the Bible is wrong, and everything changed slowly - by natural causes. We are just animals." Who is right, and how did this confusion start? It is an interesting story.

In 1859 a man named Charles Darwin published a book, The Origin of Species. The book taught that everything alive now really started from a tiny cell like a germ, billions of years ago. It gave people a very different picture of the past than what the Bible says.

 Darwin's book changed the thinking of many teachers in the universities and colleges of the world. These teachers taught their students the new idea.

Then the students became teachers. So the confusing idea spread. But why did the teachers change their minds about the Bible?

One reason was that the priests taught that the sun circled around the earth, and some other things that are not in the Bible. When scientists found out that the church was wrong, they thought the Bible taught wrong things.

They did not study the Bible themselves. They tried to learn everything without God's help. They tried to imagine what happened in the past, and made up the story we call evolution. Is the earth really billions of years old? Did we really come from tailless (no tail) monkeys?

First of all, this idea is not proved. It does not explain how the first cell started to live. Even the simplest cell has more parts than a car does. And like in a car, the parts have to all be there right from the start.

Cars can be destroyed by an accident, but you never heard of a car being made by an accident. Cars have to be designed by people. But who designed the people who made the cars? Engineers draw plans for car parts. We call them blueprints.

Did you know that there is a blueprint for your whole body inside every one of your trillions of cells (except the blood cells)?

Those cells are so tiny you cannot see them without a very powerful microscope. The blueprint looks like a twisted and coiled ladder. It is called DNA for short. It can be up to 6 feet long. No two people have exactly the same blueprint. Police can now prove who raped a woman by sperm cells with blueprints that match the man's.

When Darwin wrote his book, there were no microscopes that could let us see such tiny things, nor many other tools scientists now use. These tools show that the evolution story could not have really happened, but the story is now strongly established in the schools. Hundreds of scientists now believe in creation by God but they cannot get their papers printed in science reports.

One scientist, Robert V. Gentry showed that granite rock must have been created in a minute or less. The whole story is in the little book Mystery in the Rocks by Dennis Crews.

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