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Answered Prayers
by Arthur Griffith

My parents loved Jesus and always took me and my brothers and sister to church with them on Sabbath mornings because the Bible tells us it is God's holy day. Jesus did that too (Luke 4:16).

When I was seven years old, both my baby brother and I became very sick with a disease called Spinal Meningitis. He died. I was dying too. My father and mother loved us and cried. My father went out to a quiet place alone and begged God to save me. God heard his prayer, and slowly I got better. But when I was well, I could not hear anything. I was totally deaf.

When I was ten years old, my parents sent me on the train to the large School for Deaf in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My mother wrote to the church there and asked them to take me to church on Sabbaths but for three weeks no one came. I was lonesome for Sabbath School class and church. It felt good to be with people who loved Jesus on that day, even though I could not hear.

On the third Sabbath, I dressed myself in my best clothes, and told my supervisor that friends would take me to church that morning. I had prayed that they would come. But no one came. So I said they would meet me at the streetcar stop about half a mile from the school. The supervisor let me go there with an older boy to be sure I was safe.

Car after car went by and no one came. I kept praying. The older boy was restless. He wanted to be at the football game.

Then I saw a man walking toward us from far down the streetcar tracks. I told the boy that the man would help me. We waited. When the man got to us I asked him how to go to the church. He said: "Oh, I am going there myself. I am Field Secretary of the SDA church. I missed my streetcar and walked here to catch this other one. I will take you." I was happy and sent the boy back to school.

At church, the man who was a minister told the people about me, and after that someone almost always came to get me. That day, the man and his wife took me home to dinner, and phoned the school not to worry, as he would take me back.

Do you think it just happened that exactly the right time, the man missed his streetcar and walked to where I was waiting, just before I would have had to o back to school? No. God made things happen just right.

He will hear and answer your prayers too in the way that is best for you. I gave Him my life and I have had many amazing answers to prayer, God has protected and led me many times even when I forgot to pray.

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