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Celestial Treasure
by Arthur Griffith

Why should we seek the wealth this old world offers,
Its tinsel and its gilt that catch the eye?
There is no gold within its stately coffers
Compared to that which waits beyond the sky.
For yonder there, has gone our Lord and Savior,
And we believe His promise still is true:
“I’ll go and build for you a glorious mansion,
And then I’ll come back to this earth for you.”

No palace built by men in bygone ages
Can match the grandeur of that home above .
Whose glories are writ down in sacred pages
That tell the story of our Savior’s love
Yet all the splendors of God’s golden city
Are but a setting for His priceless jewels.
His ransomed saints are heaven’s richest treasure,
Though garnered from among earth’s knaves and fools

Through Christ’s atoning grace their names are written
In blood He shed for all on Calvary.
And though our sins were great, they’re all forgiven
As those of any soul can also be .
We must with joy share what our Lord has given,
His gospel, that received, sets sinners free.
Lord, kindle in our souls a living fire,
A vision of the harvest that shall be,
And stir in us a zeal that will not tire,
Until the glory of Thy face we see.

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